Miss Ko – Paris

You clearly have to try the restaurant Miss Kō when you’re in Paris ! It’s an asian restaurant located near the famous Champs Elysées and next to Le Fouquet’s.
They are creating a very nice asian atmosphere with a special experience just for you. And they are playing with art, design, fashion and food of course at the same time.
You can discover unknown flavors which is very tasty!

You have to make a reservation because the restaurant is working very well and lots of people wants to go there !

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Their cocktails are just amazing !!

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Address : 49/51 avenue George V, 75008 Paris

Open from monday to sunday : from 12h to 2am


Le Germain – Paris

It’s saturday night and saturday nights are for parties !

Le Germain is a restaurant where to go with good friends ! There is an amazing atmosphere, there is not a lot of lights and it makes an effect a little more friendly and we can feel the electric and enjoyable ambience which announces every evening the party to come..

They are playing with colors and creating an atypical place, asserting loud and clear its difference, with also the big yellow statue signed by the artist Xavier Veilhan, who crosses and illuminates the space. There is some good and loud music and people always start to sing during the night, it’s so fun !

Cocktails are delicious, dishes well but not that more. We are going there for the atmosphere and the cards and less for the food I think.

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Open from 10am to 2pm ! But if I were you, I’ll go during the week-end and on the evening because they have a little nightclub which is fun and nice downstairs.

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Germain is at the heart of Saint Germain des près.
Address: 25 rue de buci, 75006 paris