Colonne de Buren – Paris

The things you have to visit in Paris ? The famous “colonnes de Buren” of course ! This is one of the spot I prefer ! It is located next to “La place de Colette”. These magnificent columns are situated in the court of the Royal palace. You have to go there during the week because during the week-end there is too many people and you can’t really enjoy the place… and it’s such a beautiful place! I’m lucky enough and happy because the weather in Paris this last week was pretty bad, grey, and freezing the type of weather that makes you stay at home in front of a good movie but since monday the sun is back and it’s so good!

The “colonnes de Buren” are also called : Les deux plateaux. It was created by Daniel Buren (the Minister of culture) in 1986 and they were restored in 2008.


Capture d’écran 2016-11-30 à 09.23.24.png




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