Marcel Brunch in Paris

Best brunch in Paris for me now : Marcel !

OMG, it’s sunday already and I must confess that it my favorite day of the week!
Why sunday is my fav day ? For the brunch time with my friends (or family)!!

I’m addicted to brunch, especially for avocado toast and Marcel is actually one of the best I tried! But I also adore sweet brunch with waffles, pancakes, granola, chocolate, whipped cream, fruits… And Marcel do some so tasty salty or sweety plate! It’s difficult to choose between all the different choices that they propose.

They are doing :
Breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack, dinner and take away

Informations : 
Open from monday to friday : from 10h to 23h
Open on saturday and sunday : from 10h and 19h
With or without reservations !

14975707_10209804809089887_1869742703_o (1).jpg

Capture d’écran 2016-11-08 à 14.25.41.png


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