All about details


For those who knows me well, I like making reminders about my outfits !
Here on this look it’s a red bag with the red of the Stan Smith sneakers.

I love making a basic outfit (in this case, a total comfy grey look) associated with some cute details or colors! It make the look much more interesting ! I adore the fact that few details can make the difference and can completely change the look !

I’ve been wearing a ton of red lately, and I’ve decided it’s a perfect color for fall. I love that there are so many different shades and ways to wear red and they all say different things.

One of the funniest ways is to wear it loud and proud. We are often reluctant at the idea of wearing some flashy red because it is a color which sees itself strong and we do not go unnoticed but it’s not as difficult as we might think. You can also wear red in a cute pattern like stripes or florals outfits.

But my fav is red accessories ! It’s for me the easiest way to wear it.

What do you have to do to make your outfit interesting ? Just add a funky color in your shoes, bag, hat, or even jewelry and it’s done!




  • Coat : Zara
  • Pullover: UNICLO
  • Grey jeans: COS
  • Grey socks with glitter: COS
  • Sneakers: Adidas Stan Smith
  • Bag: Valentino

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