Leopard boots and Gucci bag

Week-end is over and I’m back in Paris! I hope that you all had a good week-end!

Here you can find a look that I wore for a dinner this week-end!

I love finding pieces that can be kept season after season and which can easily be incorporated into my wardrobe.

You can style it in a lot of different way! In this case I choose an oversized black waistcoat on a simple black pullover and with a black jeans! I wanted to spice it up a little bit with a pair of leopard boots ! Something casual and chic at the same time!


Those leopard boots are just so comfortable and really easy to walk with !
The small Gucci velvet black bag is really practical and fashionable ! It goes with everything and for any occasion ! The place inside of the bag is really well made. But pay attentions because the velvet is difficult to clean if you make a streak and the velvet gets damaged faster.



  • Pullover: UNICLO
  • Black jeans: Zara
  • Long jacket: Acne Studio
  • Leopard boots: Jimmy Choo
  • Velvet bag: Gucci

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