6 Little practical black bags

You’re going out and partying with friends this week-end or you’re going to eat at the restaurant ? You’re going to visit a new place or you’re going to do some shopping ?

Who does not have a small black bag yet?

A small black bag can be wear with everything, anytime ! You can’t really go wrong with a simple black leather little bag. Actually it’s even a MUST HAVE, so make sure to choose a good one!

Capture d’écran 2016-11-03 à 11.16.45.png

  1. Sandro: Alea Crossbody Pompon – 295 euros
  2. Maje: M – 225 euros
  3. Zadig & Voltaire: Sac XS Candide cuir – 498 euros
  4. Balenciaga: Giant 12 mini city or: 1045 euros
  5. Clio Goldbrenner: Clio Baby – Storm/black : 275 euros
  6. Mango: 12,99 euros



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