Season – Healthy food in Paris

A small nice restaurant, in a good cozy and chill atmosphere, How can you not resist to Season?

Season is a coffee shop – restaurant (néobristrot) –  juicy bar : with some fresh products that change with the seasons and the menu is modified every three months.


Season proposes dishes with or without gluten. With North American influences the menu consists of well-balanced and greedy recipes.


They offer an open-plan kitchen to the world, healthy and revisited with a suspicion of french touch.  Detox and delicacies are there!

The place is bright, with some marble and woody materials that gives a very cosy and modern spirit for a relax little break during your day/night.

Capture d’écran 2016-11-04 à 14.35.53.png

1 rue Dupuis 75003 Paris
Metro stop : Temple ou République (5 minutes walk from République)

They do not take reservation.
Open from Monday to Saturday : from 8h30 to 1h
And open Sunday from 8h30 to 19h but the kitchen close at 16h on sunday

Drinks : between 2 and 7 euros
Dishes: between 9 and 20 euros

The website is really well done so clic here and have a look at it because that really tempts!


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